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Sweet Gift - Coffee Mug Holder

Today we'll be showing you how to create this cute mug holder using our Basic Glitter Papers:

It makes for a perfect gift for any loved ones in your life!
Here's what you'll need:

Best Creation Basic Glitter Paper (2)
Best Creation Strong/Double-sided Redline Tape
Design Paper (for your decoration)
Kraft cardstock (for base holder) 
Fabric Glue
Bone folder
Rotary Trimmer 17”
Die or Punch

Let's get started!

Step 1  For the base, cut the Basic Glitter Paper BGP203 (5 ½” x 5 ½” )

Step 2  Score the layer using a bone folder. (Refer to graphic=score at 1” from each side).

Step 3  Cut 4 corners as shown in the graphic to create 4 flaps.

Step 4  Cut the Kraft Cardstock (3 ½” x 3 ½ “ )   

Step 5  Glue the Kraft cardstock to the inside of the Basic Glitter Paper base.

Step 6  Cut another piece of Basic Glitter Paper BGP203 (3 ½” x 3 ½” ).  Using fabric glue, paste this piece on top of the Kraft base (inside the box) to cover the Kraft cardstock.

To form a box, apply double sided tape or fabric glue to the end tabs/flaps, fold the sides together, and paste the tabs to the sides. Refer to the diagram.
Step 7   For the outside of the mug holder, cut 2 pieces of  the Basic Glitter Paper BGP203 (12” x 3 ½”)

Step 8   Score the 2 pieces using a bone folder. (Refer to graphic = score at 3 ½” from either end).

Step 9  Glue the folded part (3 1/2 ") to the bottom base of the box using fabric glue or strong tape. Then, apply glue to the side of the base (as shown in graphic) and bring the Basic Glitter Paper up so it will adhere.

Repeat Step 9 for the other side. (In this picture we used Strong Tape instead of the fabric glue to show that it will work with both.)

Once both sides are adhered, you will get this shape. You can hold the sides together at the top using a clothes pin.

Step 10  Use a die/punch to make an opening at the top of the package.

You can use a small clothespin, twine, or ribbon to keep the ends together.

Step 11  Decorate as you wish.

You can add some sweet treats, tea bags, or coffee packets to the inside of the mug to make the gift extra special!

If you are interested in purchasing our Basic Glitter Papers or other supplies, visit our retail website
Wholesalers can apply for an account on our wholesale website Any questions or inquiries can be emailed to

Have an awesome week!!


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