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Easter Bunny Baby Onesie

Today we'll be showing you how to use our Glitter Iron-On to customize a onesie. This design was inspired by the upcoming Easter celebrations. With this onesie your little ones will definitely stand out in all the family pictures! Materials Best Creation Glitter Iron-on GIO011  Baby body suit Tools Cutting Machine or dies Scissors Iron Step 1.   You can use a baby body suit of any color. Cut a design on the Glitter Iron On GIO011 (Sky Blue) using your cutting machine. Remember to use the mirror function in the design program, and cut the vinyl with the opaque side up. You can also use a die or punch for your design. Step 2.   Remove (weed) the extra glitter iron on, leaving only your desired image. Step 3 .   Place your image on material with plastic facing up (Refer to the photo). If you wish, place a separate piece of thin material on top before applying heat for added protection. Set your iron on medium-high, no steam.  Apply firm pressu

Easter Baskets - Children's Crafts

Easter and Spring Break are almost here! So, we created this cute project in order to combine the these two occasions. These Easter baskets will keep the kids entertained for some time, create fun bonding moments, and can be used on Easter day to go egg hunting! They can also be used to add some decor to your family gathering.  Create you own by following these instructions: Materials Best Creation Glitter Cardstock Papers (GCS067, GCS065, GCS066) Best Creation Basic Glitter papers (BGP202, BGP204, BGP201) Foam Tape FT001 6 Brads Print-n-Cut Design Tools Ruler Glue Bone folder Rotary Trimmer 17” Scissors or cutting machine Step 1.    Cut the Glitter Cardstock Papers GCS067 (Hot Blue),  GCS065 (Hot Pink), & GCS066 (Yellow) using your  cutting machine or scissors (6x6" each). 6x6" sheet Step 2 .   Score the layer using a bone folder.  (Refer to the graphic = score at 2” for each side). Step 3.  Cut the 4 corners, like the graphic.

Personalized Glass Bottle

Another idea to complete your party decor! This glass bottle can be decorated for any party theme and it is perfect to use for a dessert table, as a party favor, or as a gift. Here's how you can create your own: Materials Glitter Tape GTS010 Baker's Twine BT109 Foam Tape FT001   Glitter Cardstock GCS013 Design Paper Ribbon Thick Straw Glass bottle Tools Glue Cutting machine, scissors, or Oval Punch   Step 1   Use the Glitter Tape GTS010 to decorate the straw at the top. Step  2  F old the glitter tape to the size desired for the flag and then press to join the two sides. Step 3   Cut the end of tape using scissors to form a flag shape, like the image. You can also add a flower, butterfly, or a tag to fit the occasion. You can also use our Baker's Twine to add a bow and give it more color. Step 4  For the bottom part of the bottle, cut the pink cardstock paper that will be wrapped around the bottle using a cutti

Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers for a Party Dessert Table

If you're planning any parties soon, here is a cute and simple idea you can use to decorate your dessert table. These cute cupcake wrappers and toppers can be customized to fit any party theme! Here are some instructions on how to make your own, you'll see how simple it is! Materials Best Creation Basic Glitter Paper BGP 201 and BGP 204 FT001 Foam Tape Design Paper Toothpick Tools Glue Cutter or cutting machine Scallop Punch Round Punch Step 1.   Cut 1 sheet of the Basic Glitter Papers BGP201 and BGP204 using the SVG file. You can cut using a cutting machine or with scissors. (We can provide the SVG file for you if you need it. Just message us). Step 2 .  On the end of the wrapper, apply glue or double-sided tape. Fold the sides in, so the wrapper will begin to take its shape, like the graphic. You can hold these together with clothespins while the glue dries. Step 3 .   Cut another sheet of Basic Glitter Paper BGP201 and BGP204 into a scallop

Personalized Baby Booties!

Our Glitter Iron On makes it easy to personalize any piece of clothing, such as these little baby booties! They are perfect as a gift, or for your own little bundle of joy. And they are so simple to make! Here's what you need: Materials Best Creation Glitter Iron-on Black (GIO008) Best Creation Glitter Iron-on Ocean Blue (GIO012) (Above colors can be changed to your liking)   Baby Booties (Any color) Tools Cutting Machine or dies Scissors Iron Let's get started!  Step 1.   Cut a design on the Glitter Iron On GIO008 (Black) and GIO012 (Ocean Blue) using your cutting machine. Remember to cut the vinyl with the opaque side up and use the mirror function in the design program. We cut the baby cub's face and the paws on the Black Iron On and the wording on the Ocean Blue Iron On Step 2. Remove (weed) the extra glitter iron on. Leave only your design on the plastic.   Step 3.   Place your image on the bootie with plastic facing