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DIY Tutorial: Glitter Unicorn Iron On - Canvas & Flowers

DIY Tutorial: Glitter Unicorn Iron On - Canvas & Flowers #bestcreationDIY Okay, so it's pretty obvious....we're obsessed with unicorns right now! This time, we've taken our unicorn to canvas and showered it with flowers, awesome right?? Follow along below to make your own!  You can even try it with different colored glitter iron on vinyls. We take pride in the quality of our Glitter Iron On vinyls, be sure to try it for yourself! You can purchase our products here on our website, or here on Etsy. Be sure to hashtag #bestcreationDIY so we can see your products and feature them on our social media! Follow us: Instagram Facebook Pinterest Materials: Glitter Iron On (GIO002 - Gold) Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV09 - Pink) Canvas Paper Flowers Tools: Cutting Machine or Dies Scissors Iron Step 1: You can buy a canvas, and   cut a design on the Glitter Iron  GIO002 (Gold)  and  Heat transfer Vinyl HTV09 (Pink)  using your c

DIY Unicorn Birthday Onesie

Check out these 5 easy steps to make this cute birthday girl onesie!  The project uses our high-quality glitter iron-on vinyl. You can decorate this project for a  girl or a  boy. It can be used for casual day, a gift for a new born, holidays, and much more.  We invite you to comment on what kind of designs (with instructions) you would like to see! Use the store locator to find the closets retail store near you. These are some ideas for your design! Materials Glitter Iron  GIO003 (Sand) Glitter Iron-on GIO012 (Ocean Blue) Glitter Iron on GIO021 (Bright Purple) Heat transfer Vinyl HTV09 (Pink) Baby body suit Tools Cutting Machine or dies Scissors Iron Step 1 .  You can buy T shirt of any color or a baby body suit, and   cut a design on the Glitter Iron  GIO003 (Sand)  Glitter Iron-on GIO012 (Ocean Blue) and the Glitter Iron on GIO021 (Bright Purple) and Heat transfer Vinyl HTV09 (Pink)  using your cutting machine. Remember to use
HAPPY B/DAY BANNER Step 1 .  You can choose a banner size and  cut  the Basic Glitter Card Stock GCS065, GCS066 and GCS067 (4 ½”*6 ½” )   using the SVG file. You can cut using a cutting machine or with scissors.                                                                                                                Step 2   Cut the white  cardstock.  Cut  the circles (4”) and with design cardstock cut the circle(3 ½”). Choose the color combinations you like most . For the letters, you can use Basic Glitter Card Stock GSC048   Step 3   Punch holes at each top end of each triangle and attach with ribbon, and now it is ready  for your decoration.                                        Materials Best Creation Basic Glitter  Card Stock GCS065, GCS066,GCS067, GCS 048  Cardstock  white and with design Ribbon Tools Ruler Die Cut Round Glue Rotary Trimmer You can decorate this project depending on the party theme. I