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Back to School Spruce Up

Since now that all school district's are back in session we thought, "Why not do a little project with our papers?" and flash cards are always a essential in school! So here is a little project we came up with for the new kindergarten students: "MY ABC's Flash Cards" This is a fun way to get your child excited for their ABC's. and with our different colored star basic glitter papers this for sure will have your child loving their ABC's!  For this project we used the supplies pictured above, which is our Basic Glitter Papers in Red(BGP301) Orange(BGPS303) Yellow(BGP304) Dark Blue(BGP305) Ocean Blue(BGP306) and in Kiwi(BGP308). We die cut the papers using our Sizzix Big Shot with the little rectangular scalloped die cut. We glued all the flash cards to the basic glitter papers using our Glue Tape in Dot(GT002). We used a single hole puncher for all the flash cards and clipped them all together with a binder ring. This project too

DIY Wall Art

DIY wall art! "She Believed She Could So She Did". Here we used our Glitter Card Stock in Prussian Blue (GCS019) for the background of the wall art and for the letters. Layered the base with a plain white card stock so the letters and feathers will stand out. For the feathers I used our Glitter Card Stock in Gold Leaf(GCS062) and the other two feathers were our Basic Glitter Paper in Princess DOT(BGP210) and in Lilac DOT(BGP229), we just used the solid colored back of the paper. Glitter is always fun to work with and it makes such a shining statement. Check out our eBay and Etsy store for my Glitter Card Stock colors, Basic Glitter paper, and other scrapbook supplies! And for wholesale buyers check out our website !                                                                                                                                                                      

Washi Tape Gift Tags

                      Since we did a gift wrap diy project, we might as well show you some diy gift tags! We used our Washi Tapes along with a tag puncher to make these. These are so simple to make and gives your gift a sweet or chic touch. Here we used our Washi Tapes in Rose(WT001), Lily(WT004), Mint(WT008),Banana(WT012), Peach(WT013), Lemon(WT014), and Strawberry(WT015). We have our Washi Tapes available in 15 (15mm by 5m) Flower and Fruit patterns and 6(30mm by 5m) Flower and Fruit patterns. Check out our eBay and Etsy stores for more patterns and prices!

Bakers Twine Gift

Need a gift wrap idea? Here is one with our Bakers Twine. We made pompom's out of them! These give such a simple fun look to any gift. We wrapped the gift in craft paper. The pompom's were so simple to make! We used our Bakers Twine in Hot Pink(BT112), Marigold(BT115), and in Coffee(BT118). Our Bakers Twine are available in 20 colors.Check out our eBay and Etsy stores for more colors and prices! 

Warmest Wishes

Friday Fun = Card making!  smile emoticon  We have created a"Warmest Wishes" card, great for any birthday! You can mix and match the colors to your liking. We carry 48 patterns in our Basic Glitter Paper(BGP 101-106, 201-224, and 401-409) ranging from swirls, dots, stars, vines, butterflies, scallops, diamonds, love letters, peonies, rose buds. Our Glitter Card Stock we carry 64 colors! All so sparkly and wont shed! Our Bakers Twine we carry 20 colors, these come in a fun popsicle shape. You can check out our products like this on our eBay and Etsy stoes! For wholesale buyers we have our WEBSITE and you can sign up to view our prices! :)   This is the supplies we used for our project. We started off with a white basic card stock for the card. We sized and cute the base of the card, (BGP101) Lilac. We used our Glue Tape runner in Permanent (GT001) to glue the base to the card. For the Butterflies i started off with our Glitter Card Stock in      Orchid(GCS002


Best Creation not only does all Glitter Items but we do Basic Glitter Papers! These aren't full glitter but the design on the paper have a glitter layer to it, Here are some examples of what you can do with our basic glitter papers. Fun Day by   Karen Taylor Products used: BGP304, 309  Karen also made some cute flowers from this paper using a different technique.   Star Layout by  Julie Walton Products used: BGP301, 302, 303, 305, 306, 307, 308   Julie made these flowers using BGP Star papers also and used beading for the center to add some bling!   Julie made this page using some simple techniques and a few sheets of paper.  Prince Charming by   Julie Walton Products used: BGP306, 308 Princess Invitation These were made by Tina McDonald. Products Used: BGP 208,                                         The inside of the invitation Made by Tina McDonald. Wedding invitation Made by Angela Yanez. Products Used: BGP

Washi Tape Projects

Picture Frame Here are some projects using our Washi Tapes. You can make so many creations with these tapes and its endless. From picture frames to simply adding color and pattern to your pencils. These come in 20 Fruit and Flower patterns 15mm by 5m and 6 Fruit and Flower in 30mm by 5m.  For the project above ^ We used our Washi Tape in Rosemary (WT101). We used a plain frame,  added ribbon to contrast with the tape, put some flower embellishments and with the final touch of a little "Thinking of you" header. Iphone Charger  For this project we used our Washi Tape in Strawberry(WT015). So simple to do Just wrapped the tape around the charger base, cut it from end to end, and WAAAHHHLLA.... you have your super cute charger! Super fun to have your phone accessories decorated.           Tea Light candles These are great for adding some color and GLITTER to your home decor!  For This Project we used our Washi Tape in Osmanth

Spruce up your Gifts with our Washi Tapes

Love, Love, Love, the gift wrapping! Very simple with a touch of color and floral prints. This DIY project is so simple! All you need is craft paper, scissors, double sided tape, bakers twine, and washi tapes. I choose which washi tapes best matched with the craft papers and color coordinated with the bakers twine. I first wrapped my "present" in the craft paper, taped it all up with the double sided tape to avoid any show of tape and also for the washi tape to sick to the paper better where regular scotch tape would have gone. Once i have finished with my wrapping i started with the washi tape. I started from the bottom middle area and tapped all around till i got to the other end. I repeated this on two more rows. Once finished i matched with a bakers twine and wrapped the twine 3-4 times around. Tied it with a little bow either in the center, top, or bottom and Waaaahhhlllaaa! You have your super cute, yet simple present! These are great for any occasion, you can mi