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    Unicorn & Rainbow Banner How cute is this banner for a lilttle girls Bday party! It was made with the Silhouette Machine, Flower shape and we did the off set and then just picked a font. The rainbow was also from the silhouette desings. Unicorns were from online just copy and print. Twine and some 3D foam Tape. Thank you!! I really hope u love this banner because I'm in love! ~Unicorns & Rainbows~
                                Envelope liner Tutorial I dont know about you guys but I love to make envelope liners. They give such a great touch to a wedding invitation, or just any card period. Today I'm going to tell u guys a great DIY on to make envelope liners.We sale this amazing Glitter gift wrap that is perfect to make envelope liners and lots more things. Supplies List One piece of heavyweight cardstock Glitterb Gift Wrap Xacto knive Ruler Envolopes Tape Runner Super Easy is for a 5x7 - A7 Envelope 1. Take one envelope and trace it onto cardstock paper.   3. Cut 3/4 inch off the bottom of your template, and 1/8 inch from each side. This will allow the liners to slide in more easy. 4. Trace the template onto your envelope liner Glitter Gift Wrap.  Trace onto the back of the Glitter paper. 5. Cut your template out. Use tape runner along the side and some in the center.   6. Put the liner inside your envelope. Liners dress u
                                                                              Place Card Idaes         Today we created some place card ideas, Why not think of how to fancy our tables as well. Why not use some Glitter Card stock.. Gold  (GCS10) Light Purple  ( GCS027) Black  ( GCS014)
                         School  Grade Banner Some of us love taking pictures of our children, the first day of school. Check out this cool idea why not create a cute small banner for them to display on there pictures and when your done donated to there classroom for teacher to display. Plus your child will be happy see he's mom's awsome and cool baner everyday!! So if you want to get started.              Supplies list 1. Cardstock paper - White and Black 12x12 2. Best Creation paper - BGP202 3. Glitter Cardstock - Red (GCS004)-Green (GCS006)-Bronze Copper (GCS030) 4. Foam Tape - FT001 5. Glue Taper 6. Bakers Twine - BT119 Banner sizes  Yellow - 6x4inches White - 5x3inches Letters - Font Arial 2inches Tall Apple - 2inches    Have fun Thank you for visiting our BLOG!!!
                                                                    ~  Lace Up Corset Invitation ~    Perfect Sassy Invitation for a Bridal Shower or a 40th Birthday party. It's a easy DIY project. We used our Paper collectiion Mr. & Mrs. (GP351). What you will need: Card stock Scissors Printer   whole punch Ribbon 1 . Print and download your template just google. THEN TRACE ON YOUR PAPER (gp351) 2. TRIM THE WAIST & CUT AND PUNCH THE EDGE OF THE END OF THE CORSET. 3.  TIDE THE RIBBON AND YOUR FINISH!