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Super Hero Dad Tshirt and Card

Hello everyone,
Today our BC team has been having lots of fun creating Father's Day ideas with our Glitter Red Iron-on and our My Hero paper collection. We started with a fun project first, that is our Super Hero Card. For this project you will need the following: 
My hero paper (MH002) and 
Glitter Cardstock in Red (GCS004)
Foam Tape(FT004) 

We also used a couple of extra material that we dont carry, like plain yellow and white cardstock. This card was created on the Silhouette software. The card size is 5x7. 


1. Create the "Super Dad" image, size 5x4, and cut on our Red Glitter Cardstock. Cut an offset of he image on the plain yellow cardstock. 
2. "DAD you're my" letters will be 1 inch tall and "HERO" will be 1 1/2 tall in the font AR Christy. Cut on our Red Glitter Cardstock also.
3. Cut down My Hero paper to an 11x7 size, and the plain white card stock to a 5x7
4. Bend down the front corners to look like a collar.
5. The tie is created on the Silhouette software. It is 5 inches tall. You can cut it on the My Hero paper or on any of our blue Glitter Cardstocks.
6. Lastly, use the Foam Tape to pop dot your "Super Dad" image onto the yellow offset. Tape the whole image to the plain white 5x7 paper. Place dad on top of your paper and at the end you're my Hero. Then, tape down the white paper on the center of the 11x7 paper. Fold down and glue your tie in the front center. 

Our second project is even more fun! It is an Iron-on Superhero t-shirt for all those great dads out there! Here is what you need for this one:

Red Iron-on Glitter (IOG003)
An iron or heat press
An ironing board or pad


1. Create the "Super Dad" image on Silhouette software. Size is 9x7.
2. Weed (Pick) excess material.
3. Place your iron-on image on the center of the t-shirt. Medium-Firm Pressure (no steam) Iron for 60 seconds or Heat Press for 10 seconds.
4. Lastly, peel the clear plastic coating. 
Remember - it's machine washable! Just make sure to hang dry!

Happy Father's Day!!

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For more colors in our Glitter Card stock, Glitter Paper Collections, or other glitter items check out our Etsy or eBay stores.
For wholesale buyers or businesses, check out our website!

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