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A simple DIY project for home decor! 

We created 3 candle luminaries using dollar store finds and our products! Candle holders, dollie papers, candles, and heart rocks purchased at a dollar store. 

We first Cricut cutted our Glitter Card Stock in Red(GCS004) into hearts(3). We glued each one to the dollie heart shaped papers using our Glue Tape in Permanent (GT001). We then glued the Dollie papers to the candle holders to create a luminary look and as well glued one dollie paper in the back to wrap around. 

We then used our Bakers Twine in Light Sea Green(Bt104) to wrap around the candle holder to give it some more color and contrast. Added the red heart rocks to the bottom of the holder, then the candle and more rocks around the candle to finish the look! Loved the way these came out! 

😊 We used the same paper items as the last post. Glitter Card Stock in Red GCS004, Glue Tape in Permanent GT001, and our Bakers Twine in Light Sea Green Bt104.We went for a theme with the dollie papers and made hanging decoration' sWe went for a theme with the dollie papers and made hanging decoratiWe 


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