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Christmas around with globe with our Design Team

We are very blessed here at Best Creation to have a
wonderful Design Team full of talented and amazing
women, wives and moms that create beautiful projects
for both us and you to get inspired by each week.

So we want to take this week to celebrate them
we asked them to share a little about themselves and 
a little about what they do in their part of the world
to celebrate Christmas to share with all of you!!

Our first designer is Katarina and is from Finland where she lives on
one of the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea Archipelago.
She is a teacher in a nine year compulsory school and
works with the second grade students and is also the
Deputy School Superintendent of the school.  She has
2 children (a boy and a girl) and says that they are her
gems in her treasure box!  And of course she has a 
husband who supports her in her scrappy world...
Katarina says that in Finland where she lives
they celebrate 2 kinds of Christmas.  First the little
Christmas Eve, at the night before the first of Advent.
They have a small tree and get a few presents and 
eat a few of their favorite dishes from the Christmas table.
The real celebration starts on Dec 23rd with the whole family
getting the Christmas tree that they bring home together and decorate.
And when that is done, she tries to get the yearly
picture of the kids :) and she says it is not an easy task
with her little goofballs!
and the 24th is the day that they know if Santa thinks they
are naughty or nice and she says that they are always nice to Santa :)

Our next designer is Petra and some of you may know her
as Pysselpetra on the internet.  She lives in Malmo, Sweden with
her 3 kids (Alva, Teo & Love) and her 2 cats (Busan & Cosinus).
And of course a dear husband who supports her creative hobby too!

She started scrapbooking when she had her oldest and loves
to mostly do pages.  What I love about her is that she shares
the love of this hobby with all of us and you can relate when 
she says that when she finds well coordinated papers in beautiful
colors it makes her heart beat a little faster!!
Lastly the best way to describe her as an artist is that she
paints, she mists, she tears, she cuts and she punches
all to create beautiful layouts to share with her family
for generations to come!!

So in Sweden they celebrate on Christmas Eve the 24th.
At her home, when the children wake up there is a thread going 
through the house with presents along it and in the end they 
get a bigger gift.  If they are lucky and there is lots of snow
everyone goes outside and makes snow lights and then about 2 o'clock
in the afternoon they eat the traditional christmas meal- a great 
Smorgasborg of many, many different dishes.
After dinner they watch a traditional Walt Disney movie
with the entire family that Petra and her husband have watched
since they were little kids.  And then it is time for Santa to arrive...
and he brings lots of gifts for the kids and they spend the rest
of the night playing and the parents relax drinking Glogg.
On the 25th they enjoy the peace and quiet after the celebration!!

Our Tracey Taylor lives on the East Coast of Canada 
with her wonderful husband and three daughters.
She is a French Teacher by profession and now stays
at home to be mom to her daughters!  
Her once small hobby has turned into a full blown passion
now for her girls and says that this wonderful hobby keeps
her learning, working and teaching all the while she preserves
all the everyday moments that make their lives special.  She says
she loves every minute of it!

In her neck of the woods, Tracey and her family start to 
get the Christmas preparations ready after Halloween since
they celebrate their Thanksgiving in October.
Decorating her house for Christmas is a tradition that she
looks forward to every year and they have several Christmas's
between Christmas and New Years's as she celebrates with 
both sides of her family!
She says it is a wonderful time spent with family and 
friends and wouldn't change it for anything.

Our last designer is our Karen Thind and is also 
from Canada but closer to the west coast!

She says that her Christmas is all about spending time 
with family.  She loves having time off work and school
so that they all can relax, hang out and go do things as 
a family.  They also spend lots of time with grandparents
and cousins and they too love to put up lots of lights and 
visit with Santa Claus.

From all of them- they want to wish all of you a
 Very Merry Christmas Holiday Season!

and don't forget to check back to see more
of our special holidays spent with all
of our designers across the globe this week.



  1. Love hearing about your team...all talented and what wonderful inspiration they offer!! TFS!

  2. Merry Christmas, God Jul and Happy Holidays to all of the Best Creations team

  3. Petra and Katarina are such sweethearts! It's fun to read more about them here today.

  4. Merry Christmas to all of you! It was great to get to know about your holiday traditions!

  5. How sweet to learn about some of the DT Christmas traditions!!
    Love all the variety ways they celebrate!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. LOVE this!! It's so cool to read about how each DT member celebrates Christmas! :)

  7. so neat to learn all your traditions!--love the pics! merry christmas!! jen t

  8. So fun to read more about your traditions girls!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!


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