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Back 2 School project ideas:

For some of us parents the new school year is right
around the corner and it's time again for lunches,
being a taxi mom
and helping with homework...

So make it fun for your kids and
customize their usual supplies
as something unique
and extra special just for them!!

Decorate their usual vocab. cards with cute
papers and ribbons...

BGP 213, 205 & GP 383
small file cards

And maybe even a cute teacher gift
so that he/she can reward the kids with
a little something special...

GP374, 379 & BGP 212
EC001 and GS 002 red glitter star
purchased plastic box

This is a fun teacher project out of a bit of cardboard
and some school papers and stickers
so that a teacher can post
their special student of the week
or just someone who did something
really special!

GP 373, 383, 377, 374, 379, and
BGP 211, 213, 215, 205 & ESG 001

Add a small calendar that can be torn
or changed for each month

Cute cards can be made and stored in the pocket
on the back to put pictures of the kids
that deserve a big ya-hoo!

A simple plastic pencil box
can be turned into something really special :)
with buttons, papers, sequins, and stickers
or anything else you can find.

Hope you like the ideas and check back
for more Back 2 School
ideas in a couple of days....


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