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Bird Cage - DIY Home Decor

If you love to make handmade home decorations, here is the perfect idea for you: a Bird Cage made out of cardstock paper! We used our very own Glitter Cardstock to make this Bird Cage. Here's how we did it!

You will need:
Best Creation Glitter Cardstock GCS013 (1)
Best Creation Glitter Cardstock GCS048 (Butterflies)
Plain white cardstock
Kraft Cardstock (for base)
Design Paper for your decoration


Die Cut Round
Fabric Glue
Bone folder
Rotary Trimmer 17”

Let's get started!
Step 1  Cut Glitter Cardstock GCS013 into 6 strips (12”*3/4”)
Step 2   Apply fabric glue to the middle of each strip and glue together to form an x shape. Refer to graphic above and below.

This is what it should look like after all the strips are glued together at the center.

Step 3  Score at  ¼” at the end of each piece (Glitter side down). Refer to the graphic.

Step 4A  Cut a circle, 3 1/16” in diameter using Kraft card stock

Step 4B   Using a pen or marker, mark as shown on the diagram above.

Step 5  Fold the scored ends of the strips to form tabs. Apply fabric glue to the end tabs and glue each tab to the circle at each end of the lines marked on step 4B. Press each tab with a clothespin and allow 20 minutes for the glue to dry, then remove the clothespins. Refer to diagrams above and below.

Leave sitting for about 20 minutes, or until the glue is dry.

Step 6  Cut a strip of plain white cardstock (1 ¼” * 10 ¾”) and 
score  at  ½” along the long edge.

Step 7   Cut a zig zag line along the ½” side of the score, as shown in the photo.

Step 8  Apply the fabric glue to the zig-zagged edge and  
glue the strip around the base of the cage, as shown in the photo above.

Step 9  Cut two more 3 1/16” circles of glitter cardstock GCS013

Step 10  Paste one circle to the bottom of the base and one on the inside/top 
of the base (inside the cage) to hide the Kraft circle. 
Refer to the diagrams above and below.
Inside/top of the base is covered with White Glitter Cardstock circle.

Step 11  Cut a strip of paper Glitter Cardstock GCS013  (1” *3/4”)

Step 12A   Glue the ends of the strip to form a ring.

Step 12B   Paste the ring to the top of the cage as shown in the picture.

Now you can decorate the bird cage as you like!
Here are some ideas that we used:

 Let us know what you think!

If you are interested in purchasing our Glitter Cardstock, visit our retail website Wholesalers can apply for an account on our wholesale website We have 67 colors of the cardstock available, and the glitter does not shed off. Any questions or inquiries can be emailed to 

Have an amazing week!!


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