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Explosion Box - Baby Boy Shower

We added 4 new colors to our line of Glitter Cardstock this year. Today we created this cute explosion box using one of the new colors, a pastel blue. We did a baby shower theme, but you can change up the colors and decorations to fit any occasion... from party  favors, to a birthday gift box, or even to ask your BFF to be your bridesmaid! Follow these instruction to make your own!

Best Creation Glitter Cardstock GCS064 and GCS013
Best Creation Foam Tape Squares FT001
Best Creation Basic Glitter Papers BGP203 and BGP204
Yellow and White plain cardstock
Design Paper to use for final decorations - any theme depending on your occasion

Die Cut Round
Bone folder
Rotary Trimmer 17”

For the Box:

Step 1.   Cut  the Glitter Cardstock GCS067  (12”*12” )
Step 2    Score the layer using a bone folder. 
(Refer to the graphic = score at 4” and 8” on both sides)

Step 3   Cut out the 4 corners

For the top cover:

Step 1  Cut  the Glitter Cardstock GCS067  (6   1/8” * 6   1/8”) 

Step 2  Score the layer using a bone folder. (Refer to the graphic = score at 1” for each side)
Step 3  Cut the 4 corners like the graphic
Step 4   Apply double sided tape or glue to the end tabs of the cover box. Try to close the box.

Step 5   Decorate the box inside and outside. Then decorate the lid and finish by closing it

Inside decoration

Top of box cover


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