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Fun Card Fridays Halloween Special

Its FRIDAY! and we love Friday's! So we got a little craft happy! :) Today we did a colorful yet witchtastic card. So we thought we should share this card.

We started off with our Glitter Card Stock in Black(GCS014) for the base of the card. We used our Cricut machine with the wild card cartridge to get the cut out of the card, we accidentally didn't change the last settings used and this card came out quite big! But that's okay more space for more patterns! 
So next we cut out a 2nd layer for the front of the card using a Purple chevron print.We then added a 3rd layer on that of our Basic Glitter Paper in Pepper Dot(BGP207) right in the middle.We die cutted a purple card stock in one large square and 3 medium squares. We then did 3 small square's of  green card stock to layer on the medium purple squares. 

Next we started our witches hats, these were free hand cut into long triangle's of our Basic Glitter Card Stock in Black Swirl(BGP104), Plum Dot(BGP206), and in Tangerine Swirl(BGP102), we used the Cricut machine to make the oval bottoms of the hats and we glued the top of the hat to the bottoms. We added a strip of our Glitter Tape in Black(GTS007) in the middle of both parts to give it more of a contrast look.

We then added a white card stock paper that was die cut into a large square, we printed the phrase on there "Witching you a Happy Halloween" and added the witches cauldron to it. We added a green ribbon and our Bakers Twine in Black(BT119) around the card to finish this card. All this was glued using our Glue Tape in Permanent(GT001), our Foam Tape in Small Circle(FT002), Big Circle(FT003), and in Big Square(FT004). Hope you all like! :)

Pictured below is the papers and supplies we used for this project.

Head on over to our eBay and Etsy stores to check out more papers and supplies for any of your projects you have in mind! 


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4th of July Extravaganza

Our 4th of July party set up! It's very Sparkly, very red, very blue, and overloaded with stars. We used a couple of items from our Glitter lines including our Glitter Collection in I love America, our Glitter Card Stock, our Glitter Tapes, and our Basic Glitter Paper. From banners to the cupcake toppers we used it all.  Happy 4th of July everyone and hope you all a safe and fun weekend!

Starting with the banners we used-
Glitter Collection: I love America Kit(IA015).
Glitter Card Stock: Red(GCS004), Jewel Blue(GCS007), Silver(GCS012), and White(GCS013).
Bakers Twine in Dark Blue(BT101) and Red(BT111).
Basic Glitter Paper: Red(BGP301) and Blue(BGP305)-both discontinued-
Sticker Collection: I Love America Combo Stickers(IA012).
Glitter Collection in I Love America(IA015).

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Envelope liners


                                        liners liners!!!!

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For the belly band we used the same color sandy card stock and used our Bakers Twine in Light Sea Green (BT004). We also did a envelope slip with a teal ribbon around to finish the look.

All this was glued using our Glue Tape in Permanent(GT001).
For more colors in our Glitter Card Stock or other glitter items, check out or Etsy or eBay stores.
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