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The Best Glitter Dot Papers in all the land....

We at Best Creation love that scrapbooking is
an art that can have us celebrating all the seasons of a year
at almost anytime of the year!!

We need all kinds of paper for just about everything
that we scrap under the sun so we strive
to create gorgeous papers for all those occasions with glitter
that will make your family be oooh and ahhing
over your books for years to come!!

will have them doing just that!

We have 24 colors in our dots
and no one can match the beautiful glitters
that don't flake all over that we have on them!!

Special Guest Designer for October:
Nancy Burke

Our Bella Collection
was created using lots of beautiful spring colors
with flowers and butterflies and coordinating
prints on the backs of each paper.

designer: Petra Offrell

You can see in the details of this layout all the fun colors
that are available and the fun things
that you can create with this very versatile paper.

designer: Alicia Barry

designer: Kim Holmes

Best thing about these 2 collections is
that they mix just perfectly.

The glitter dots look gorgeous in
these hand made flowers and with 24 colors
available you just imagine the fun you could have...

designer: Debbie Fitzgerald

designer: Teresa Horner

Hop on over to your local LSS and pick up some today
or check out one of our online stores and
create something gorgeous to cherish forever!

We hope you love our dot papers as much as we do...

so leave us a comment letting us know if you have tried our
fun glittery paper and you could win a pack of
our Basic Glitter Dots Cardstock!
contest ends on Nov. 5th

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  1. I haven't tried them, but I'd love to! I'll be asking my local shop about them.

  2. I have not tried it yet but would totally love to do some layouts of my little girl with it:)

  3. I have yet to get my hands on this cardstock so I would love to win this prize!
    Great projects ladies!

  4. oooh! I would LOVE to scrap my Little Man with these! :)

  5. I have not tried them but would love to try them on my cards and LOs!!!

  6. I haven't tried them, but they look absolutely fun. I'll have to find them!!

  7. Need to look for these! Love how they were used. Thank you for the inspiratioN!

  8. I haven't tried them yet and can't wait to get my hands on some... Love the color selection!!!

  9. I have used the glitter cardstock and think it is AMAZING!

    The Glitter Dots looks like so much fun to work with!

  10. Glitter and Bling and Shine OH MY! Looks YUMMY

  11. This cardstock looks fun to play with!! And love me some glitter!!

  12. I love all the designs and don't get me going about the cardstock!!

  13. Absolutely LOVE the flowers made with these! I too will be asking my LSS about this paper!

  14. haven't tried it yet but will certainly be looking for it when I hit my LSS next time!

  15. Yummy layouts with yummy paper! Very kewl!

  16. Wow I have not tried this yet it looks amazing the designers did a wonderful job a big wow to them and thanks for inspiration

  17. I haven't tried them but I love the look of them!

  18. I haven't tried them... yet. Wow, looks SO fun!!

  19. I have not had the pleasure of trying them just yet. These creations are soo inspiring and your DT is FAB!!!

  20. never heard of them till now but I sure want to find out where I can get some!! love all the layouts/items and love the dots!!!!

  21. beautiful stuff! I can't wait to try these out.

  22. I haven't tried glitter paper but I'd sure like to. Great projects by the design team.

  23. Oh I love that paper and the colors are fantastic.

  24. Oh my word, these are SOOOO right up my alley! I would LOVE to play with them! Beautiful beautiful BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the fab chance. :) Gorgeous creations, great job!

  25. I haven't tried them but they look fun!

  26. Haven't played with those but they look like sooooo much fun! I am a fan of anything glitzy and glittery! I know my LSS carries Best Creations, so I'll have to ask if they will be getting this in soon!

  27. wow love the projects... gonna have to hunt this paper down.

  28. Wow That is neat cardstock I like the projects
    Very creative

  29. Wow, that cake rocks! Great projects and pretty papers:)

  30. I have never seen your fun, glittery papers before but these would be wonderful to use in card making and layouts of my new grand-daughter!
    Those handmade flowers are incredible!

  31. Gorgeous stuff! I just saw some of Best Creation papers at a crop and I was impressed! Love your new stuff!

  32. Just found out about it! Love the looks of it! Need to get some! Awesome projects!

  33. Haven't seen them yet, love your colors. Those flowers were goregous!!!
    Cindy F

  34. Your glitter paper (all of it!) is truly the best. I just finished up a very blingy princess layout with lots of die-cuts made from your paper and it was a dream to work with. No glitter mess! The dot paper is *so* cute - I'm dotty for dots and I love it!!!

  35. I haven't tried your papers yet, but would love to try out the glittery polka dotted paperstack!

  36. OH my...I love my polka dotted paper! I need to add some of this awesome glitter dotted paper to my stash! Amazing work by the DT!

  37. Ooh I have I have! I even made a nice book out of your papers before! I love it! And Kim Congrats on the DT :0)

  38. Have never tried these wonderful paper. But would love to win them so I could get the opportunity to do so.
    Have a nice day.

  39. I've played with your glitter pp before and love them. Will be looking for these new ones at the lss soon.

  40. Beautiful colors, great ideas!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  41. Can't wait for my LSS to get the new Glitter dots paper!

  42. I've not tried them either but the colors are so luscious! I will definitely be asking for these at my LSS!

  43. I've seen the Glitter dots paper but haven't had a chance to use them yet !

  44. I have not tried them, but I'd love to.
    It looks fabulous !
    Thanks for the opportunity to win !

  45. I haven´t tried them but i just looove them and would love to win:)


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