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The first Signs of Winter!

We were all just saying that it is hard to believethat summer and fall have passed so quick and now we are hearing the first reportsof snowfall around the world.
Our designers have created lots of fun pages, tags, and cards out of our gorgeous glittery winter papers for you todayand we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!

designer: Natalie Dever

Designer: Kim Holmes

designer: Katarina Damm-Blomberg

designer: Karen Thind

designer: Teresa Hornerthese fun cards were created with our winter collectionand stamps from Stampendous.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forgetto leave a comment for our glitter dot paper contest!!Last day to enter is Nov 5th

The Best Glitter Dot Papers in all the land....

We at Best Creation love that scrapbooking isan art that can have us celebrating all the seasons of a yearat almost anytime of the year!!
We need all kinds of paper for just about everythingthat we scrap under the sun so we striveto create gorgeous papers for all those occasions with glitter that will make your family be oooh and ahhingover your books for years to come!!
Our Bella Collection and our Basic Glitter Dots Cardstockwill have them doing just that!
We have 24 colors in our dots and no one can match the beautiful glittersthat don't flake all over that we have on them!!

Special Guest Designer for October:Nancy Burke

Our Bella Collectionwas created using lots of beautiful spring colorswith flowers and butterflies and coordinatingprints on the backs of each paper.

designer: Petra Offrell

You can see in the details of this layout all the fun colors that are available and the fun thingsthat you can create with this very versatile paper.

designer: Alicia Barry

designer: Kim Holmes
Best t…

It's only a week until Halloween!

Designer: Tracey Taylor
As if the adorable Countdown Calendar wasn't cute enough,Tracey couldn't resist to create this funand Spooktacular Halloween Banner too!!
She used lots of wonderful black netting andlots of fun paper and stickers from our Halloween Collection!This looks so cute to decorate your mantle with :)

supplies:GP 452, 446, 455, 450 & black glitter cardstockEC 007, ESG 007, EC oo6tags are MSS 034

designer: Alicia Barry

Having lots of cute paper and cutting it apart and creating her own unique layouts are what Alicia does best!! This amazing layout is filled with bit and pieces ofall of our Halloween papers. She popped them up andlayered them in just the perfect way!!
supplies: GDC 110, 443, 456, 457, 455, 450 & 452

designer: Tina Guigui

This fun box is actually an old donut box that was recycled and recovered and put lotsof cute stickers on to give special treats in :)

designer: Tina Guigui

designer: Ann-Katrin
What a cute idea!!! Our Ann-Katrin made this layout wit…

It's Halloween Time at B.C. today!!

If you need some fun and creative ideas to decoratefor your Halloween Party this yearthen we have the perfect things for you today to makeusing lots of paper and stickers from ourHalloween Collections!!
We've got banners and mobiles and a bewitching centerpiece
lots of bags and boxes to fill with yummy treats
an adorable mini book to hold all the memoriesof the fun and exciting things your kids didfor Halloween Night!!

designer: Natalie Dever
Have fun creatingthis gorgeous banner with lots of papersstickers, ribbons and lots & lots of tulle!!

designer: Teresa Horner

You can make lots of fun little treat boxesand decorate them with stickers and ribbons!!The black eyelash yarn is perfect for a scaryspider web look on all of them!

Die cuts are even more fun if you cut out a windowand put a piece of acetate to cover it and then you get toto see all the yummy treats you are giving inside!

You can find these cute little plastic boxes at Trader Joe's and you can fill them with…